After booking our flight and accommodation I knew the first place that I wanted to visit – Villa d’Este in the beautiful town of Tivoli, which lies 30 km from the capital of Italy. After showing a picture of the famous fountain to my friends, I knew that we will go to the place! 😀





When we did some research, to see what else we can do in Tivoli, my friend showed me a picture of Villa Adriana and I was sold! So after taking a bazillion pictures in the garden, me and my friends bought our bus ticket and went to Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa in English), which is a Roman archaeological complex. Because of the weather, both places were quite empty, which was okay and we didn’t stumble upon many tourists – though in Villa d’Este, because the rain, the fountains were not working….. . Nevertheless, when we had an awesome first full day in Italy and when we arrived back to Rome, we were tired from all the walking but we were excited for the next day when we visited the Pope’s state! 😉





Have a nice Sunday evening and see you next time! 😉



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