At the beginning of May me and my friend went for a walk along the Danube and ended up in Stein, which is a part of Krems, but we really felt like tourists. When you cross the street you enter a medieval town with its cobblestone streets, cute houses and alleys. Although my parents told me that Krems also looks like that, but now that I lived here for eight months I just cannot see it. After climbing up till the Frauenbergkirche we just stopped and enjoyed the view over the Danube and the Stift Göttweig, which is on the other side of the river. The weather was awesome, quite hot still around 8 PM, but we didn’t mind at all 🙂 DSC_0921DSC_0950DSC_0941DSC_0956

We had a really nice time, took a lot of pictures and by the end of it we got really hungry and ended the day in 2Stein with burgers – obviously! Nothing better than a 2Stein burger 😉

Have a nice evening and till next time! 🙂



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