2015 was the year when I completed my first year of my masters in Austria and my internship in Budapest, and it was also the year when I traveled lot (I hope this will continue on the next year)

Jan-Feb: Finished my first semester at my uni, went to Rome with two of my classmates, one of my really good friend (who I met in Austria) came to visit me here in Transylvania and chilled a lot, went to London with my sister and walked a lot, enjoyed some time back home.


Mar-May: Before our second semester started we traveled to Berlin for the ITB, had a lot of lunch and dinner parties with my friends, went home for Easter, my sister visited me in Austria, went to Vienna a couple of times (for example to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, but also because of uni), went to Budapest to the MVMEHF Final 4 tournament in women’s handball.



Jun-Aug: Finished the second semester, attended the Campus Ball which was a lot of fun, had a short holiday, went to the Carpathian Mountains with my family and friends, moved to Budapest.


Sept-Dec: Went to New England with a lovely group of people and met the nicest people over there, my family visited me in Budapest for my birthday, went to Vienna and Barcelona to visit my friends, in December moved back home for a bit.


Hope you all had a lovely year and cheers to the new one! ❤

See you next year!



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