Now that February has come to end and I came back to Austria; it is time to look back on these winter months and pick my personal favorites of this season.

what I watched: favorite film/program

Teen Wolf came back at the beginning of January and I was so excited for it. Me and my sister are big fans of it and we cannot wait to see how this season will conclude.

I also must mention the BBC One adaptation of And Then There Were None, which aired during the holiday season. Even though this book is not my favorite Agatha Christie novel, I loved this 3-part miniseries. Spooky, intriguing and Aidan Turner was fantastic in it as the mercenary Philip Lombard.

what I snapped: favorite picture


I just love how the morning light reflects in the small pond.

who I loved: favorite person

My friends and family! πŸ™‚

what I wore: favorite piece of clothing


I bought this beanie in September and got a whole lot of use out of it. It is from Forever21, it is dark purple and I just love it!

what I did: how I spent my free-time

Seeing friends and family back home in Transylvania and going on a ski holiday in February!

what I ate: favorite foodf16t23_ski

During our ski holiday I eat quite a lot of Frittatensuppe, which is made out of clear beef broth and has savory pancake slices in it. Delicious and good after a whole day of skiing! (on the picture you can find this soup right above the fries)

what I drank: favorite drink

f16t23_wllI drank a lot of tea in these months and my favorite was the English Breakfast Tea from Twinings of London. I added honey and milk to it and it was just perfect!

where I went: favorite event/occasionΒ 

I would say the holiday season! Everyone was in a good mood and there was a lot of good food! Do you need more than that?

what I heard: favorite song

I was thinking about this one, but in the end I will go with Troye‘s album – Blue Neighbourhood. I remember when his first song – Happy Little Pill – came out, I loved it! My favorites songs are the following: Fools, Youth and for him.

what I used: favorite thing that I used

f16t23_wllThis is a recent purchase, but I love it already – I bought this interesting looking water bottle from Primark right at the end of our ski trip. I love the arrows on it, the color of the straw, and how it says “100% thirsty”.

Here are my favorites for this season. I made one for the autumn season, which you can check out here.

I hope you liked this post and see you soon! πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “WINTER LOVE LIST

    1. thank you very much! πŸ™‚ i made that picture with my iPhone 5s – the lighting was so beautiful that morning that i had capture that moment! and it was in a little village called Weissenbach in Steiermark, Austria! πŸ™‚ xx

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