I was on a holiday in Croatia for almost two weeks and had the best time. But before showing you some pictures from Istria and Dalmatia, I want to share with you some shots that I took in Trieste. 

When I was searching for the quickest and cheapest way to get from Transylvania to Istria, I found a connection via Italy that seemed acceptable. So I flew from Cluj to Treviso and then took the train from Mestre to Trieste. I had about 4-hours to walk around this beautiful Italian city before taking the bus from there to Porec.

Although it was a hot summer day, that didn’t stop me and my suitcase to wander around the city. Because the train station is close to the city center, I had no problems of getting around. I walked along the seafront, saw the main square (Piazza Unità d’Italia) and got lost in the pedestrian zone, where I also stopped for a proper Italian coffee.

As it was an important seaport throughout history, the architecture is splendid and you will find something beautiful to look at in every  corner.


Til next time Italy! 😉



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