Before an intense two-weeks of studying for my master exam, I went on a girls trip with my sister and our friend to Rome. 

We were really excited to explore Rome, to eat all the pasta, pizza and gelato the city has to offer and to simply enjoy our time there. As we were there for one week, we didn’t rush to see everything on the same day. We took our time, explored in the morning and late afternoon and when it was really hot, we headed home to our apartment to relax. It was perfect!


We visited the touristic sights usually early in the morning. This was a good idea as we didn’t encounter long lines and we were done around midday, so we could go and enjoy a refreshment in a cool cafe. We visited the Vatican (both the museum and the basilica and the dome), Castle Sant’Angelo (went to the top deck and hanged out with the Angel), the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain (last time I was there it was under renovation), the Colosseum (we arrived there before the 9.30 am, so we had to wait to get in) and the Roman Forum.


I knew that I had to take the girls to this massive gelateria which is next to the Pantheon, Gelateria Della Palma, where you can choose between 150 gelato flavors. Such a difficult task, don’t you think? On a hot day, after we finished walking up and down the Castle Sant’Angelo, we found a cosy cafe in the pretty neighborhood of Prati – Lumiere Prati.

We also discovered a really cool restaurant, Origano Campo de’ Fiori,  so of course we had to go back there for a second time.  Moreover, the restaurant has two locations, so on our last day in Rome we had lunch at Origano Trevi. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it is going to be delicious!

On two half-days, we went to see Villa d’Este in Tivoli (the fountains were working now, not like the last time I was there) and towards the end of our holiday we went to Civitavecchia to swim a bit in the  Tyrrhenian Sea.


We had a blast and cannot wait for our next adventure!



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