It’s been a while since I have done a ‘Love List’ – to be more precise, the last time I wrote about my favorite things was at the beginning of March, making this post long overdue. Therefore, here are the things, movie, life bits that I loved in the past eight months.

what I watched: favorite film/program

From what I have seen in the cinema, I think my favorite one was The Secret Life of Pets. It was such an adorable movie! And really funny as well! Moreover, I really liked the soundtrack of Suicide Squad – it fitted perfectly to the tone of the movie!

Considering TV-shows, I was blown away by the season six final of Game of Thrones. Those first 20 minutes of it were everything I wanted! I wasn’t the biggest fan of these last seasons (I still prefer the books), but I really tried to separate the TV-show from the books. Lena Headey slayed in that season final and I was grinning from ear to ear (#foreverdefendingCersei)

what I snapped: favorite picture


This was the first picture that I took in Trieste and I just love it!

what I wore: favorite piece of clothing

I would say my chokers. I had two chokers that I wore constantly when I was around 10-12 years old. The fact that they came back into style made me really happy! 😀

what I did: how I spent my free-time

After handing in my master thesis and before sitting down to study for my master exam, I had a bit of free time and I used that up to travel. First, I went on a Croatian trip with my friends (you can read about the places where we have been herehere and here); then I went to the mountains here in Transylvania with my family and quite a few family friends; and last but not least I went to Rome with my sister and our friend at the end of August, which was delightful (read about the summary of our Roman trip here)

what I ate: favorite food


Gelato in a rose form.  I had this particular one in Budapest, at Gelarto Rosa and it was delicious! There is a long queue in front of the shop, but it is definitely worth the wait!

what I drank: favorite drink


I prefer to drink sparkling water, but when I discovered Jana flavored mineral water in Croatia, I was extremely happy and drank only that! My friends were laughing at me, cause I got exited about a water! My favorite flavor is the ‘Lemon-Lime’ one! Yumm, so good!

where I went: favorite event/occasion 


In May I went to Budapest for the Women’s EHF Final 4 tournament, which is a handball tournament organized for the 4 best teams in the Champions League.

In June me and my girls went to the second edition of Campus Ball, which was organized in the town where we studied and we had a lot of fun and danced the night away.

Last but not least, now, at the beginning of October, me and my family attended my graduation from Uni.

what I heard: favorite song

This is kinda impossible to answer, but I will try. Mostly I have been listening to Zayn, Halsey and Hayley Kiyoko and I also really enjoyed the summer hits of 2016!

what I used: favorite thing that I used


I just freaking love my new mug!

What was your favorite movie and TV-show in these last months?

You can follow my daily adventures over on my Instagram so be sure to check it out!

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “LOVE LIST

  1. This was such a lovely post.
    I still haven’t watched nor the suicide squad or Game of thrones.
    That picture looks great and I had a gelato like that in Paris, I was quite in awe when he was making it since they dont really do that here in UK much.

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