Autumn is in full swing, we said goodbye to daylight saving time and now it gets dark earlier. You can feel that winter is one its way and I cannot wait for snow, however for today’s post I will throw it back to summer and my time in Croatia. 

I am a big fan of Game of Thrones (#readtheASoIaFseries), therefore I was really excited to get back to Croatia, cause most of the scenes are shot there – more precisely in Dalmatia. I knew that we were planning to visit Split whilst there, so I was a bit geeking out. However, I felt that all of Croatia can represent the setting of this world that we love and it is truly a place where Westeros and Essos meet.

In the following I want to share with you some new pictures that I took whilst I was there. For me, these places gave off a Westerosi or Essosi vibe. Most of the pictures are about windows and their shutters – I really think they help in creating this feeling!



What did you think? Could you imagine that you are in King’s Landing or Braavos? I definitely could!

Till next time,


ps. You can see more pictures from Croatia on my Instagram here



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